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Mobile Veterinary Services

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Howling, peeing cats...whining dogs you need a tractor to drag into the building...and two kids who keep asking when they’re getting dinner - sound familiar? Well, if you look forward to bringing your pets to see us about as much as you do a colonoscopy, maybe our in-home veterinary services are just what the doctor ordered! Whether for one or multiple pets at a time, we can provide wellness and minor illness/injury care in the comfort and security of your home, on a convenient schedule. We can also provide dignified, private hospice and end of life care.

How does it work? For each visit, there is a single house call charge (no matter how many pets are seen) based on the distance from our house to yours. Additional fees for services rendered for each pet seen are comparable to in-clinic charges. Have other questions or want to schedule an appointment? Give us a call and one of our friendly, knowledgeable staff will be happy to help!

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