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radiology icon Digital Radiology (X-Rays)

Your dog ate what!? Trust us...we have probably seen it before! In addition to looking for that missing toy or piece of jewelry, x-rays, especially the most detailed digital variety, like those employed at Noah's Glen, can be useful in diagnosing fractures, pneumonia, heart disease, tumors and even certain toxicities! Frequently, we can see on x-rays what we cannot feel on physical examination. If your pet needs digital radiology services to help us make or confirm a diagnosis, we have you bones about it!

microscope iconLaboratory Services

Comprehensive. Accurate. Rapid. Affordable. If laboratory tests do not meet these criteria, they do not meet our standards. At Noah's Glen we have partnered with some of the foremost pharmaceutical companies and nationally accredited veterinary reference laboratories to provide you and your pet with the most advanced and reliable diagnostic testing available. As an added value, all laboratory tests include complimentary board-certified specialist consultation when needed so you can rest assured that the interpretation of test results is as accurate as the results themselves. When your pet is sick, you want answers. You want results. You want them better. We want the same thing.  

microchip icon  Microchip (RFID) Implants

The bad news? 1 in 3 pets will go missing over their lifetime. The good news? Pets that are microchipped are much more likely to be returned to their families than pets that are not. The great news? Safeguarding your pet by having a microchip implanted and registered with a nationwide registry is easier than ever! The newest generation of microchips are smaller, safer and more versatile than previous versions. Registries can record not only your contact information but other essential information like our contact info or your pet's unique medical history. Microchip-enabled products are now available that can be used to allow only microchipped pets access to pet doors (no more raccoons in your kitchen!), food bowls and more! Not sure if your pet has a microchip? (Many dogs and cats adopted through rescues and breeders already do). Found a pet and want to find its home? Call us or bring them in! We will check them. No charge. No problem. Need your pet microchipped? Yep, we can do that. Just need a microchip registered? Yep, we can do that too!. Have additional questions? Give us a call or click below to learn more.

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weight icon Nutritional Consultation

You are what you eat, right? Well, kinda, but it is true that proper nutrition can often be our best defense in preventing illness and disease and also to treat it. If there were one perfect food for every animal, pet stores would be alot smaller! In truth, there is no "best" food or even a "best" food company, despite what TV commercials may claim. The best food for your pet is the one that best meets his or her nutritional and health needs for their particular life stage, one that your pet tolerates and most importantly, that your pet eats! No food that sits in a bowl ever helped any animal (except maybe an ant) but similarly, just because your pet eats a food heartily does not necessarily make it the best food for them. (otherwise some of us would survive on a steady diet of chocolate and ice cream). Have questions about what to feed your pet? Call us and schedule a consult today. We would love to help!

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